The Caledonian Clinic Ltd. has been established in Nanaimo for over 120 years and in its present location, at the corner of Campbell Street and Wallace Street, since 1959. The Caledonian Clinic pioneered in the field of computerized medical records in 1979.

The Caledonian Clinic Ltd. has 2 locations to serve you:

Campbell Street Location

Campbell Street Location - Nanaimo Walk-In Clinics

340 Campbell Street
Nanaimo, B.C. V9R 3G7

(250) 753-3202
(250) 753-1039

Brickyard Road Location

Brickyard Road Location - Nanaimo Walk-In Clinics

6010 Brickyard Road
Nanaimo, B.C. V9V 1S5

(250) 390-5200
(250) 729-8814

Appointment line for both locations

(250) 754-7777


    Accession – ONLINE BOOKING

You may now book appointments online with your family physician or Dr. Zanbilowicz (Dr. Z) our Podiatrist. At your next visit please ask the MOA for an Online Booking Request form.


We currently do not have any physicians accepting new patients. We are not able to accommodate the requests for switching family doctors. If you are unhappy with your current physician, please try to discuss this matter with him or her. Many times it is a gap in communication that can be rectified. The Nanaimo Division of Family Practice reports that at this time there are no family physicians in Nanaimo accepting new patients.