Please book your appointments in advance whenever possible.  As we realize illness cannot be scheduled, anyone will be seen in an emergency situation. Appointments may be arranged or cancelled by calling (250) 754-7777.

Some problems may require earlier attention than others.  It is helpful for the receptionist to know what your problem is so time may be scheduled efficiently. If your doctor is away, or fully booked, another doctor will usually be available to see you.

W.C.B: Please specify when making your appointment if your visit is related to an injury at work. Please stop at the front desk before each and every appointment related to your injury to start a new electronic form for your visit and thus ensuring unavoidable delays to your claim.

I.C.B.C: Please specify when making your appointment if your visit is related to a motor vehicle accident as visits for ICBC are coded differently to MSP.

No-show Fees: As there is great need for care in our community, it is important you cancel any appointments which you cannot attend. For our General Practitioners, a no-show fee of $30 may be charged for missed appointments. For Dr. Z, our Podiatrist, any appointments not cancelled within 24 hours will be subject to a $55 no-show fee.

Visits not covered by the Medical Services Plan (MSP):

Medical Forms & Form Fees: MSP does not pay for the cost of visits related to filling out forms for third parties such as employment, school, insurance, driver’s license medicals, diver’s medicals, first aid medicals, M.O.T.’s, etc. We ask you to inform the receptionist at the time of booking if your visit pertains to the above so time is correctly allocated and you are informed of the associated fee.

Warts and Excisions: Warts are not covered by MSP unless they are plantar warts or warts that are causing a medical problem to be determined by your physician. Excisions for moles, skin tags, etc. are only covered by MSP if medically necessary.

Prescription renewals

Physicians prefer not to renew prescriptions over the phone. Please make an appointment with your doctor for prescription renewals. Proper use of a prescription requires a review of the need for this medication.

Pharmacy and Laboratory

A Central Drug Stores Ltd. pharmacy and a Lifelabs laboratory are available at both locations.